Come to Florence with Me! June 2017!

EKU Students!

If you talk to anyone who went to Florence with me last summer, you’ll hear variations on the same theme: “THE TIME OF MY LIFE!”

I’ve put together a PDF of a presentation about the Summer 2017 trip, and I hope you’ll glance through it and spread the word. If you need funding, talk to Jennifer White and Katie Samuel in EKU Education Abroad (Keith 129), and you’ll soon find that they are scholarship wizards! You can also raise money on  your own through a crowd-funding site; if any of your friends or family regularly buy you holiday and birthday gifts, they might consider contributing to your travel fund. Also, if all of your social media friends donate even $5, you could go to Italy with quite a chunk of Euros!

As of this post, five seats in the class remain, but we can go higher than the usual ten-person class if more people are interested. Come with me! You won’t regret it!



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