Teaching Resources about Reproductive Rights

Given the depressing developments in reproductive rights in the U.S., several colleagues and I put together the following set of resources that you and your students might find useful. Non-Fiction Sources on Abortion Clarke, Adele, and Donna Haraway, eds. Making Kin Not Population: Reconceiving Generations. Prickly Paradigm Press, 2018. https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/distributed/M/bo28583407.html Finch, Annie, ed. Choice Words: … More Teaching Resources about Reproductive Rights

Emerald Isle, anyone?

Join me for Enchanted Women of Ireland, Summer 2022! Banshees will wail, hags will curse, maidens will beckon, morrigans will shape-shift, and fairies will play tricks in Summer 2022! Throughout Ireland, the appearance of a supernatural creature typically connects to a specific natural location, as a helper to the living in ways that range from … More Emerald Isle, anyone?

Model of Formal Argument

Back in the last century when I was in my doctoral program at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, I had outstanding professors, like Dr. Clement Hawes, who shared with his classes this Model of Formal Argument. The structure has helped me on countless occasions, and I pay it forward by sharing it with all of my classes. All formal writing should follow a basic pattern of organization, whether the topic is expository … More Model of Formal Argument

When in Firenze, do as the Fiorentini

Dear EKU students traveling for the first time to Florence, Italy: To help you avoid a faux pas or other social awkwardness in Italy, I’ve prepared a listicle with ten ordinary behaviors you’ll most likely see in Florence that you haven’t experienced in the U.S., particularly not in Kentucky. Please note: once you’ve grown accustomed … More When in Firenze, do as the Fiorentini

A Passport to Innovation: Teaching Abroad

  According to the National Survey of Student Engagement, study abroad is a high-impact practice that can be “life-changing.” Teaching abroad can also be life-changing. As a faculty member, leading a study abroad class almost always requires shifting your pedagogical style to fit on-site resources, but it’s an incredibly rewarding experience in professional development. As … More A Passport to Innovation: Teaching Abroad