The Scenic Route

A long time ago someone told me (or maybe I told myself) that the best way to learn a place is to get lost in it. The lessons in such an education are stacking up. After too many hours of no sleep and extreme congestion from the contained air of the plane, I found my … More The Scenic Route

Word Nerd

I fall in love with words. My current word-affair is with traipse, and I’ve been speaking it furtively as well as conspicuously in reference to the Italy trip. Apparently, traipse is an uncommon word. According to one of my favorite books, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), it belongs in Frequency Band 3, meaning it occurs … More Word Nerd

Introverts Unite! Separately and in Your Own Home.

We are a mere 22 days from our Italy arrival! Our Education Abroad office is constantly giving me great suggestions in preparation for my class in Florence, Italy. This entry is based on pieces of their advice. Before traveling anywhere for any length of time, but especially before a month abroad, it’s good to develop … More Introverts Unite! Separately and in Your Own Home.